How Can Mental Health Services be Sustainable?

In October 2014 the Royal College of Psychiatrists held their first summit on sustainability. It proved a fascinating day – as the very varied set of presentations we filmed demonstrate – everything from yurt living for depression to online versions of group therapy. And all in the context of the challenge of climate change. What are the psychological roots of climate change denial?

The day was organised by the Centre for Sustainable Healthcare in Oxford and focused on the work of their mental health fellowship, in the person of Dr. Daniel Maughan.

“Sustainability in Mental Health Services”,
Dr. Daniel Maughan, Royal College of Psychiatrists Sustainability Fellow

Interview with the President
Professor Sir Simon Wessley interviewed by Dr Hugh Grant‐Peterkin, Advance Psychiatry Trainee

The psychology of climate change denial”
Dr Judith Anderson; Consultant Psychiatrist and Psychotherapist

“Greencare for people with personality disorder: The growing better lives project”
Dr Rex Haigh, Consultant Medical Psychotherapist and team

“Tomorrow’s NHS; a sustainable future”
Dr David Pencheon, Director; Sustainable Development Unit for NHS England and Public Health England

Interview with Dr Hugh Grant‐Peterkin, Advance Psychiatry Trainee

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