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Empathy Media is a portfolio of selected works by global media pioneers Anuradha Vittachi and Peter Armstrong. They combine the power of empathy and the power of media to help bring about a fairer, greener world.

Peter and Anuradha have been filming, writing, speaking, and gathering people together to catalyse global justice throughout their lives:
reporting from the frontlines of human rights and sustainable development through acclaimed books, articles and documentary films
innovating media like the Domesday Project, OneWorld and Mosaic Earth

Their work has been showcased by organisations great and small – eg from the UN and BBC television to Migrant Voice and New Internationalist magazine.

It has been widely recognized – eg the BAFTA Lifetime Achievement Award for Interactive Media (Peter) and the London School of Economics Global Civil Society Pioneer accolade (Anuradha).

Their work continues as strongly as ever – eg through OneClimate’s campaign for climate justice and the public education work of the Hedgerley Wood Trust charity in memory of their daughter Boo Armstrong.



One Climate

To help you stop climate change

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Word Pictures

Our indie media production company

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Hedgerley Wood Trust

In memory of Boo Armstrong

Greening of Hedgerley


Our experiments in green living


Who Votes for Climate?

An Empathy Media documentary telling the story of the launch…


10 Tips for Reporters

Daniel Nelson, long-time international journalist and News Editor…

Mosaic Earth

Meaning It – COP26 without the blah, blah, blah

Throughout the fortnight in November 2021 in Glasgow, Anuradha…

One World

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