Stove Progress

There were lots of comments on the blog when we first considered replacing our solid fuel aga with a Clearview stove and got the story from Walkers shop in Burford. Since then we’ve sold the Aga and put in a ground heat pump. This does a great job at heating the water and providing background central heating through the existing radiators. However this background heat never gets higher than 18 degrees C and we’d now like to get the kitchen warmer – with the possibility of a bit more heat reaching upstairs.

In fact when we first discussed the heat pump, Dave at Ice Energy said that many families in Scandinavia supplement their heat pumps with a wood-burning stove, so that’s what we’re going to try. Also our friends the Dysons have had a good experience with a Clearview from Walkers.

So today Henry Walker (son of the owner) came over with the engineer, Richard, to measure up and give us an estimate. It seems the old Aga space will work well, so hopefully we will have a really good system in place for the worst of the winter.

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