Stern Review – from the horse’s mouth

A fun evening at the LSE. It was an open meeting to hear Sir Nicholas present his report and answer questions. But it proved so popular that half an hour before hundreds of people were turned away. Luckily I was offered a press place and was able to film the whole event.

We can watch it here (coming later). It lasts an hour.


The main surprise for me was that Sir Nicholas presented a preferred scenario that saw stabilisation at between 450 and 550 parts per million of CO2 equivalent. This equates to a 3 degree rise, which Mark Lynas and others indicate will have very serious consequences. More seriously, however, they and others believe that this level would be likely to lead to runaway feedback effects (icesheets and permafrost melting). So how can this be a ’stabilised’ level?

Do not write on both sides of the paper.

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