PV Installation Day

It seems all solar installation firms are very busy, and it was mid-May before Ardenham could find a slot. On day one scaffolding was erected on the whole length of the south side of the house. The plan was to put the 16 panels on the highest part of the mansard roof. The following day installation began.

Rails were fixed through the slates and the panels came with a clip-fixing system that make them pretty simple to secure to the rails.

The panels themselves are made in China and sold by Amerisolar. They have a capacity of 180Wp each.

It took until late on the third day before the last of the 16 panels were in place.

The electrical work had been progressing in parallel and we were all set for the moment of switch-on.

But it was too late in the evening and very little power was produced until the following days. Then the calculations could begin.

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