Mosaic Earth

Time for Action! The outcome of the Paris Summit on climate change is only a small step on the road to tackling dangerous climate change. Add your voice now by clicking on “The Reason I Care” and join in our twitter campaign to mandate think more boldly to protect the future of life on planet earth.

Zoom in to see everyone’s picture message – and add your own.

The Earth from space looks beautiful – but look a little closer! This is not quite the picture you are used to seeing. Click on the image of the Earth to zoom in (or use the zoom-in button that will appear if you hover just below the globe towards the right) and you will discover something interesting…

In fact, the deeper you zoom in, the more interesting things you will discover. What’s sparkling and glowing are thousands of images and messages, sent in by thousands of people from around the world! This is a digital image of the world, and each ‘pixel’ is an image from yet another person.

All these different people – from parents to presidents – are expressing their longing to protect life on Earth, showing us what stirs them so deeply. What is at stake, for each of us and for all of us, as the planet warms and the oceans acidify? Earth-empathy, if you like.

Here’s a short introduction on how you can interact with Mosaic Earth and include your own picture, video and message:

Give it a try and share your own inspiration. Here’s a short welcome tour: