Getting eBay into the frame

With solar and wind looking a bit problematic at this stage, I’ve starting looking at wood power. We’ve got plenty of it lying around and most of the experts claim that it doesn’t add to CO2 (for reasons I haven’t totally fathomed yet). So I’m looking at log boilers and wood chip boilers. And as a first step we’ve decided to sell the old aga. It was the centre of the house heating system in the 1930s, but there’s no way it’ll help us now.

We’ve tried selling it locally for a few hundred, but there was no response. So I put it on eBay yesterday with no reserve, so long as the buyer agreed to dismantle and take it away. I would have been pleased with £200 or so, but the bids were up to £400 yesterday evening and this morning we’ve had 10 bids up to £670. And still six days to go. This is very promising and a good chunk of money for a new wood boiler. There are also some grants on offer that will help as well.

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