Dumping Ecotricity

It seems that this issue has come out because companies have only recently been required to publish the fuel mix. And it’s going to shock a lot of people.

I had an authoritative response from someone in the business (who had better not be named):

“I am not surprised at this. Ecotricity is run by Dale Vince… He has persuaded everyone that ecotricity is the greenest of the green, not because it is, but simply because he says that he will plough the profits of his business back into only developing new renewable energy projects. At one level I understand this logic but when I look at it from a business perspective this is just what any “renewable energy company” would do. The fact is that RE is very profitable. It is only recently that companies have had to disclose their energy mix, and so you can actually see that…for many years honest, ethically minded people thought that buying from Ecotricity was the very best they could do when in fact a large proportion of their energy was coming from Nukes!!

This really is a triumph of marketing over substance and… I strongly suggest that you move back to Good Energy who do actually sell 100% renewable.”

So, taking this advice, we’ve switched back to Good Energy. According to electricityinfo.org they are the only UK supplier using a 100% renewable fuel mix.

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