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Mosaic Earth

Mosaic Earth Voices ringing out from all over the world mandating politicians to make bold cooperative decisions to protect the future of all life on planet earth. Time for Action! The Paris Summit on climate change is only weeks away and from right around the globe people are saying “I am a reason!”. Everyone on […]

Freshwater: The Real Meaning of Rain

MYTH: There’s so much rain and ocean, you can’t suffer serious water shortages unless you live in a desert Homer Simpson was joyous: ‘Water, water everywhere,’ he says to Bart on a fishing trip, ‘so let’s all have a drink!’ The Ancient Mariner was gloomy: ‘Water, water every where, nor any drop to drink.’ These […]

The dreadful cost of flying

MYTH: Since flying is responsible for only 5 percent of carbon emissions, I have the right to fly abroad on holiday. Don’t be fooled when airline representatives reassure people in the UK that flying creates ‘only’ five percent of our national carbon emissions, as if it is too small an amount for anyone to get […]

Healthy Planet Healthy People

Medical student, Isobel Braithwaite, sets out to discover the impact – for good and ill – of the natural world on human health. The first surprise is the difference that the view from your hospital window can make to your speed of recovery… Healthy Planet Healthy People is a 2013 documentary made with the support […]