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Memorial for Life

Token children’s coffins in the street, songs of lamentation, letters from children, demands for radical action on the climate catastrophe from Church authorities on their way into a key meeting in Church House, London on 12th February 2020. Live coverage of a moving vigil by Christian Climate Action with Extinction Rebellion, bringing home the urgent necessity […]


Facing Global Ecocide. A resounding response from Brixton with Extinction Rebellion and action groups worldwide. Recorded live 23td January 2020.

International Climate Conferences Without Flying

Year after year the UN Climate Conferences, the COPs, face the same contradiction. In order to help solve the climate crisis delegates will once again fly from all over the world, emitting thousands of tons of greenhouse gases. Two steps backwards for every step forward. And this at a time when there are more and […]

Everything you wanted to know about electric cars

Are EVs right for you? And are they right for the environment? A fascinating presentation by Anthony Simpson, Research Associate (Renewable Energy and Electric Vehicles), University of Reading. A meeting of Chinnor and Thame Friends of the Earth, December 2019. Interesting to compare this with my first outing to explore the possibility of getting an […]

Holy Rebels

Should Christians, including clergy, be breaking the law as part of Extinction Rebellion? Is non-violent direct action the only way to galvanise action on the climate emergency we face? Dr.Simone Kotva, research fellow at Emmanuel College, Cambridge, reflects on the moral and theological issues that are becoming increasingly urgent as the global crisis unfolds. A film […]

10 Tips for Reporters

Daniel Nelson, long-time international journalist and News Editor at OneWorld UK offers 10 very practical tips for anyone wanting to submit stories to news sites like OneWord and their partners in Sweden.

What not to say to someone bereaved by suicide (and what to try instead)

Supporting someone bereaved by suicide is really difficult. It’s so easy to say the wrong thing and hurt them even more. Even healthcare professionals find it exceptionally hard, but at least they have training courses to help them. (Well, some do.) Empathy Media made 3 training videos for UK professionals, fostering active learning. Each video […]

Oceans of Plastic

A summer evening with the Green Drinks crowd at Long Crendon, for a great presentation by Will McCallum of Greenpeace. He told a shocking story of just how bad the plastic pollution of our seas has become and how Greenpeace is campaigning to turn the tide.