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10 Tips for Reporters

Daniel Nelson, long-time international journalist and News Editor at OneWorld UK offers 10 very practical tips for anyone wanting to submit stories to news sites like OneWord and their partners in Sweden.

What not to say to someone bereaved by suicide (and what to try instead)

Supporting someone bereaved by suicide is really difficult. It’s so easy to say the wrong thing and hurt them even more. Even healthcare professionals find it exceptionally hard, but at least they have training courses to help them. (Well, some do.) Empathy Media made 3 training videos for UK professionals, fostering active learning. Each video […]

Oceans of Plastic

A summer evening with the Green Drinks crowd at Long Crendon, for a great presentation by Will McCallum of Greenpeace. He told a shocking story of just how bad the plastic pollution of our seas has become and how Greenpeace is campaigning to turn the tide.

Marching Against Racism

We joined a march of tens of thousands of people of all backgrounds saying No! to the rise in racism and Islamaphobia. Labour MP David Lammy was among the passionate speakers demanding a change of course from Theresa May and the British government – “What was the hard right has moved into political parties. We […]