This will be your chance to influence the vital decisions made at this year’s Climate Summit in Glasgow. Tell the decision makers there how you’re doing your bit. Then you’ve got every right to challenge them to do theirs. Just put it your bit and their bit in a video and your message will jump right into the #MyBbitYourNit planet petition.

This is how it works:

In this way you can join activists around the world raising our voices to save our planet home. And Earth-empathy is growing. Here is our urgent message to decision- makers everywhere that time is running out to save the planet we love – our only home.

With thanks to Susannah Darling Khan, School of Movement Medicine, Anuradha Vittachi, Peter Armstrong, OneWorld UK, OneClimate, Hedgerley Wood Trust, Chris White, Alcatel-Lucent, GCCA, Ken Kitson, and Jamie Perellet.

This is the original Mosaic Earth, which we will be building on. Try in now by clicking on it. Zoom in and look around. All these different people are expressing their longing to protect life on Earth, showing us what stirs them most deeply. What is at stake for each of us – and for all of us – as the planet heats, the oceans acidify and species are lost forever? Zoom in to see everyone’s picture message – and add your own.

And this is the backstory of the Mosaic Earth project.