Electric at last

Eleven years ago as part of our greening campaign we started looking at electric cars. This was the story as it appeared back then.

Nothing back then seemed really practical. But now finally the time seemed right to take the plunge, and looking at all the models, the Nissan Leaf looked like it would work best for us. It has the range (around 170 miles), 5 seats and some driving assist features that should be helpful as we get older.

We decided only to lease it for 2 years, since it seems more than likely that there will continue to be big advances in battery technology and autonomous driving by 2021.

The downside is that even with the government grants and the short lease, it’s very expensive. If it wasn’t for the issue of climate impact it would be far cheaper to stay with our 12 year old Prius which has served us really well. But climate waits for no man or woman, so it seemed time to start the way the world needs to go. But prices need to halve before we can see the widespread take-up the planet needs.