An Evening with Natalie Bennett

At a time of unprecedented political turmoil, Natalie Bennett – until recently the leader of the Green Party – described her vision of one way forward through the idea of progressive alliances.

It was December 2016 in the village library of Long Crendon in Buckinghamshire, where the ‘Green Drinks’ group came together to meet Natalie and hear her ideas.

This is her 30-minute talk:

And this is the Q&A session that followed:

And next below is an experimental ‘concertina video’ – an interactive 5-minute version for the YouTube and Facebook generation, where you can get the overview of Natalie’s argument plus have the chance to dive into any aspect that interests you. It works like this:

  • you’ll need reasonable broadband for this to work without buffering
  • you can watch the overview summary version straight through for about 5 minutes
  • whenever a red button appears you can click on it to open a window with the relevant, detailed portion of the talk
  • if you miss a button, you can move back with the video timeline at the bottom of the window
  • when the detailed segment finishes (or you click its close button at the top right) you go back to where you left the summary talk.